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side table

H50cm,L60cm,W40cm Very beautiful retro side table, only one. Not wood, but iron or copper? It’s quite heavy.  


with packaging. 60x90cm 4mm dry erase glass magnetic board

状况:全新 带包装。60x90cm 4mm钢化玻璃木框图案磁性 干擦玻璃板提供长期耐用性 钢化磁性玻璃表面擦干净 不会弄脏或重影。垂直或水平悬挂 请在取货时携带现金。仅在 Manukau City, 2023,South Auckland 附近接载。可以由买家承担费用和风险进行快递。售出不退款。 干杯。   条款:新 带包装。60x90cm 4mm钢化玻璃木框图纸磁性 干擦玻璃板提供长期耐用性 钢化磁玻璃表面擦干净 不会弄脏或重影。垂直或水平悬挂 请在取货时携带现金。仅在Manukau City, 2023,South Auckland 附近接载。可以由买家承付费用和风险进行快递。售出不退款。…

Movers, Storage

Charles Mover 一路发搬运

Company Charles Chang
Address Auckland

Charles Mover 一路发搬运,Auckland,New Zealand Text or phone for quote, 021919168 Email to: For 22m3 truck with tail lift: 2 man & moving truck from…