DIY Lashes

Each cluster sits individually on your eyelashes. They come in lengths of 10, 12, 14 & 16, you can mix and match them and style them to your eye completely how you desire! To create the perfect wispy or winged lash look! The choice are endless! You can mix and match the lengths also and best of all you can Reuse them! Over and over again these clusters lashes last for up to 7 days, even longer with good care.

• 100 % Vegan & Faux mink

• Reusable.

• thin comfortable invisible band.

Step 1: apply the bond

Step 2: Apply the cluster lash underneath your eyelashes using our very own lash applicators at least 2 mm away from your eyelid

Step 3: Use the applicator to press lashes together for maximum hold.

Step 4: Seal the lashes using our very own lash sealer.
Step 5: You’re done! Easy as that in just under 5 minutes perfect lashes!

Lashes can be used with just the bond on its own. Combine with our sealer for longer lasting wear.

Our cluster lashes are to be used in conjunction with our bond and sealer and remover each sold separately.


  • Company: Triana's Beauty Studio
  • Address: 6/15 Bishop Lenihan Place, Flatbush Auckland
  • Condition: New

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